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The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Mulawarman University provides wide-ranging facilities to support its teaching-learning processes. They scatter around the campus, both within the campus and outside the main campus. Some of them are elaborated below. [to magnify the images, highligh the respective pictures]

Representative Office Buildings

This faculty has numerous representative office buildings to support its teaching-learning activities. Some of them are library building, three two-story buildings of study programs, and two four-story buildings for postgraduate program and the Dean office and faculty administration office. Such building are equipped with modern furniture, equipments, and facilities.

ruang kuliah tumb

Representative Lecture Rooms

Lecture rooms of the Faculty of Social Political Sciences are managed in such manners so that they are convenient for carrying out teaching learning process from eight in the morning till -- sometime -- nine thirty in the evening, from Monday till Saturday (for Postgradute program, could be until Sunday). The lecture rooms are equipped with permanent LCD presentation equipment, AC, etc.

ruang HI thumb

Seminar and Conference Rooms

Fisip Unmul has numerous seminar rooms equipped with cutting edge presentation equipments such as wide-screen LCD television for powerpoint presentation. A representative and convenient conference room is also available and quite often used for hosting national conference as well as international/regional meetings and seminars of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

 parkir thumb

Wide Space Parking Lots

Fisip Unmul has numerous parking lots scatter around the campus and some of them are of with wide space. Such parking lots can host all cars and motor cycles owned by students, guests, lecturers, and staff. To park a vehicle in this faculty is free of charge.

suasana kampus

Convenient Campus Environment

A wide space campus area, accompanied with numerous facilities, clean and green, inhabited by friendly students and helpful staff create a comfortable campus situation and environment for carrying out teaching learning activities.

hotspot thumb

Hot Spots

There are some hot spots available at Fisip Unmul campus area. Fisip Unmul students can access them and free of charge. So, students can just bring laptop, netbook, IPAD, Galaxy Tab, BB, iPhone, or other smartphones to access the Internet via such hot spots.

thumb khs krs online

Online Course Enrollment

Academic Information System of Fisip Unmul that has been integrated with that of the University (Unmul) has produced an online system of course enrollment. This system also enable students to access the final course marks via internet. To facilitate this academic activity, Fisip Unmul used certain building owned by the faculty.

lab komputer thumb


This faculty has some laboratories located mainly in the study program offices. Among of them are computer laboratories located in three different study programs, one photography laboratory, one language laboratory, one government laboratory, etc. Such laboratories are managed by qualified staff.


library thumb

Digital Library

Fisip Unmul has some libraries, consisting of one main library and libraries of study progams. The main faculty library is a digital library where students can access digital references, particularly digital undergraduate thesis, in the library computer network. Another digital library is owned by study program. All Fisip Unmul libraries are managed by qualified staff.

lapangan basket fisip thumb

Sport Facilities

Fisip Unmul owns some sport facilities in the Fisip campus area, such as basket ball and table tennis (main campus), tennis court, badminton, volley ball, sepak takraw courts, etc (PIN). Such courts are also used for carrying out martial arts sport such as taekwondo, karate, pencak silat, etc.

mshola thumb

Prayer Facilities

There is one facility for prayer available on main campus at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, the so-called Musholla. Another one is located outside the main campus, namely at PIN campus. These mushollas are mostly used by students. But lecturers and staff can use them too.

ruang seminar thumb

Other Facilities

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Mulawarman University has numerous other facilities and supporting infrastructures, such as photography studio, bus, mini bus, electric generators, scientific journal, bilingual student magazines, etc.

Faculty Officers & Deans

digital library

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