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Faculty at a Glance

The establishment of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences was dated back to 1962, when Mulawarman University used to be named Perguruan Tinggi Mulawarman (Higher Educational Institution of Mulawarman), as stipulated in the East Kalimantan Governor's Letter of Decision No. 15/PPK/62. Later, it was renamed Universitas Kalimantan Timur (Unikat) or The University of East Kalimantan, and then -- through President's Letter of Decision dated 23 April 1963 -- Mulawarman University. When being named Perguruan Tinggi Mulawarman, there was only one faculty: Fakultas Ketatanegaraan dan Ketataniagaan (the Faculty of Public Administration and Business Administration). By 1966, this faculty was split into the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and the Faculty of Economics.
Number of study programs at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences had increased significantly since more than a decade ago. Prior to 2000, there were only three undergraduate degree programs (Public Administration, Government, Sosiatri). The year 2000 is a milestone in such an increase, and currently eleven study programs in three academic level: one of them in undergraduate diploma level (Office Administration), nine in undergraduate level (Public Administration, Government, Sosiatri, International Relations, Communication, Business Administration, Psychology, Sociology, Applied Government) and one in postgraduate study level (Public Administration).
The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Mulawarman University provides wide-ranging facilities to support its teaching-learning processes. They scatter both within the campus and outside the main campus. Some of them are representative office buildings, representative lecture rooms, seminar and conference rooms, wide space parking lots, convenient campus environment, hot spots, online course enrollment, laboratories, digital library, sport facilities, and other facilities.
The Faculty is chaired by a Dean. The Dean is assisted by four Vice Deans, namely 1st Vice Dean (educational affairs), 2nd Vice Dean (staff and administrative affairs), 3rd Vice Dean (student affairs), and 4th Vice Dean (planning, development, and cooperation). In the academic affairs, the Dean and the 1st Vice Dean subordinate Departments, spearheaded by their respective Head of Department. The Department subordinates Study Programs respectively chaired by Head of Study Program. In the administrative affairs, the Dean subordinates the Faculty Administration Office headed by an Administrative Officer. The Administrative Officer subordinates administrative sections such as the academic section, student section, staff section, procurement section, etc.
The role of lecturers and staff are of importance in teaching-learning process in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. Until May 2012, total lecturers numbered 92. Compared to number of students totaling 5336 persons, the ratio of lecturers to students is 1:58. As far as their educational levels are concerned, 16,30% of them hold doctoral degrees, 78, 26% master degree, and the remaining 5,44% undergraduate degree. Meanwhile, number of Fisip Unmul staff reach a figure of 109, where 66,97% of them are male and 33,07 % female. Of this staff figure, 38,53% of them have been appointed and given status of civil servants. The remaining ones are not yet.
Intentions among high school graduates to study social and political sciences increase significantly since the past few years. This can be observed from a significant increase of total number of Fisip Unmul students. Prior to 2000, they were numbered less than 700 students. By 2007, the figure reached to 4585, where 1296 student were admitted from national selection and 3288 students were from local selection. This year (2012), total number of students are 5.732 persons. Of this, 5.336 students (92,58%) enrolled in this academic year while the remaining 396 students (7,42%) unenrolled. Such figure accounted for undergraduate diploma (D3) and undergraduate (S1) students. It does not include postgraduate students.
As the Facultu has been established since 1962, it has produced thousands of faculty graduates. Total number of alumni of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Mulawarman University, during a period of 1962 to 2011 are 6154 persons (excluding the unavailable data). They are currently living for good across the Indonesian archipelago as well as overseas; however, most of them are residing in East Kalimantan. Their occupation are civil servants, politicians, businesspersons, NGO activists, self-employed, etc.
The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences encourages its study programs to make them accessible on the internet so that they can promote themselves creatively and provide academic services to their students in a more efficient way. Another reason is for accreditation purposes. Some of them are Applied Government (, Prograduate Program (, Government Study Program (, Psychology (, and International Relations (to be informed -- work on progress).
The campus of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Mulawarman university is situated in the downtown of Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Faculty's address and contact information are as follows: The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Mulawarman University Gunung Kelua, Samarinda 75411, East Kalimantan, Indonesia; Tel.: +62 (0)541 743820, ; Facs.: +62 (0)541 743820; Email: fisip[at]; and website on If you have any questions or queries, please use Q&A (Question and Answer). However, if you would like to send a message, you can do so via this website through Contact form.

Undergraduate Student Applicants

  1. INTRO
Every year, Fisip Unmul receives a number of scholarships to be allocated to its students. Those who are eligible to apply are not only the existing students but also undergraduate student applicants (both applicants through national selection and local selection). This kind of scholarship is offered by the Department of Education. For the existing students, the sources of scholarships vary widely, among other things, scholarships from PT. Taspen, Bank Indonesia, Yayasan Supersemar, Osaka Gas Company, PT Pupuk Kaltim, LNG Bontang, Pertamina, PT. Djarum, Pemprov. Kaltim, BBPM, BRI, Eka Cipta Foundation, PPE, BCA, etc.
There are three different ways that can be chosen by applicants to be admitted as Fisip Unmul students. First, through national selection by invitation. Second, through national selection by written test. Third, trough local selection administered centrally by Mulawarman University (written test). Applicants can take one of the options or a combination of the options. In any of such options the applicants should enrolled online on certain URLs determined by national selection committee (for national selection by invitation and written test) and by Mulawarman University (local selection).
In 2011, the Faculty charged tuition fees of IDR 610,000 up to IDR 1,000,000 (USD 64 up to USD 105) per semester for students admitted through national selection, and of IDR 700,000 up to IDR 1,150,000 (USD 73 up to USD 121) for students admitted through local selection. In addition, the admitted student should pay a fee for academic-related activities or arrangements amounting to IDR 403,500 (USD 42). Last but not least, any student should pay IDR 2,000,000 (USD 210) labelled as development fund. While the fee for academic-related arrangements should be paid once at the time of admission, the fee for development fund are payable twice (1/2 total payment) during a whole undergraduate study period.
Every year, Fisip Unmul receives a number of scholarships to be allocated to its students. Those who are eligible to apply are not only the esisting students but also undergraduate student applicants (both applicants through national selection and local selection). This kind of scholarship is offered by the Department of Education. For the existing students, the sources of scholarships vary widely, among other things, scholarships from PT. Taspen, Bank Indonesia, Yayasan Supersemar, Osaka Gas Company, PT Pupuk Kaltim, LNG Bontang, Pertamina, PT. Djarum, Pemprov. Kaltim, BBPM, BRI, Eka Cipta Foundation, PPE, BCA, etc.

pamb fisipSalah satu faktor yang menentukan keberhasilan seseorang untuk belajar, bermasyarakat, bekerja di tempat yang baru adalah kemauan dan kemampuan orang tersebut dalam mengenali dan memahami lingkungan barunya. Berpijak dari pemikiran inilah kegiatan Percepatan Adaptasi Mahasiswa Baru ini dilaksanakan. keinginanan dan tujuan PAMB ini, yakni membantu para mahasiswa baru FISIP agar memiliki kemampuan beradaptasi dengan kehidupan kampus FISIP dan segala isi dan lingkungannya

, baik bidang akademik maupun non-akademik. Dengan kemampuan beradaptasi itu, mahasiswa/i akan memiliki kesiapan dalam mengikuti semua program belajar dan pembelajaran yang pada akhirnya akan membuat para mahasiswa lancar dan sukses dalam menempuh studi.
Tujuan mengadakan acara PAMB dilaksanakan berdasarkan semangat kebersamaan dalam membantu mahasiswa baru FISIP beradaptasi dengan kehidupan kampus, tanpa ada kekerasan ataupun pelanggaran terhadap HAM secara umum. Seluruh kegiatan PAMB dilaksanakan berdasarkan prinsip akademik, edukatif, regulatif, melembaga, berbasis program, akuntabel, pencitraan, efektivitas, dan efisiensi.
Berbagai kegiatan akan mahasiswa ikuti selama satu hari penuh, pada tanggal 30 Agustus 2012, dengan berisikan materi berupa,perkenalan dengan para pejabat struktural fisip, dibidang pendidikan, pengenalan mengenai program studi, pejabat struktural prodi serta para dosen pengajar, visi dan misi prodi. di bidang akademis, peraturan akademik, kurikulum, masa studi, IP dan IPK, semester pendek, KKN , Skripsi, tata tertib dan etika, Yusidium, Wisuda serta fasilitas kampus, serta program dan kegiatan kemahasiswaan. Di bidang kemahasiswaan, di samping pengenalan struktur dan personalia Hima, program dan kegiatan organisasi kemahasiswaan, visi dan misi Hima, serta tugas dan fungsi Hima. Hal itu sejalan dengan kebijakan bidang kemahasiswaan, yaitu penciptaan iklim akademik yang kondusif di kalangan mahasiswa di dalam kampus.
Pada tahun akademik 2012/2013 ini jumlah seluruh mahasiswa yang terdaftar sebagai mahasiswa baru adalah sejumlah 1.165 Mahasiswa/i yang terbagi dalam 10 Program Studi yang ada didalam Fakultas Ilmu Sosial Dan Ilmu Politik, yaitu :

Program Studi Administrasi Negara
206 Mahasiswa
Program Studi Ilmu Pemerintahan
119 Mahasiswa
Program Studi Sosiatri
35   Mahasiswa
Program Studi Konsentrasi Sosiologi
31   Mahasiswa
Program Studi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional
186 Mahasiswa
Program Studi Ilmu Komunikasi
202 Mahasiswa
Program Studi Administrasi Bisnis
180 Mahasiswa
Program Psikologi
131 Mahasiswa
Program Studi D3 Perkantoran
24   Mahasiswa
Program Pemerintahan Integratif
51   Mahasiswa
1.165 Mahasiswa

 Melihat besarnya minat belajar dari para pelajar lulusan SMU/SMK dalam memperebutkan kursi di bangku kuliah merupakan awal semangat baru dalam menjawab tantangan di dunia pekerjaan yang semakin kompetitif dan variatif di era globalisasi ini. Dengan dibukanya Program Studi yang dapat menampung segala daya kreatifitas, aspirasi, serta apreasiasi dari mahasiswa dan didukung dengan para tenaga pengajar yang handal, para tenaga akademis yang profesional serta fasilitas kampus yang mendukung. Menjadikan Fakultas Ilmu Sosial Dan Ilmu Politik adalah salah satu Kampus yang banyak diminati oleh para calon mahasiswa baru.
Diharapkan dengan rasa satu kesatuan dan kerjasama dari semua pihak baik Pejabat Struktural, Para staf pengajar, staf akademis serta Mahasiswa yang menjadi ujung tombak pendidikan dapat Bersinergi Bersama Membangun Fisip kearah yang lebih baik lagi dimasa yang akan datang. Congratulation And Welcome to Our Beloved Faculty.

Faculty Officers & Deans

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